For Our Partners

You’re ready to move your new product one step closer to the marketplace where it can change lives. You need to demonstrate efficacy of your novel treatments using noninvasive diagnostic biomarkers. We have a wide variety of diagnostic imaging probes and devices that provide noninvasive readouts of tissue characteristics and molecular expression, and many are already available for human clinical trials. We would love to hear from you about possible collaborations.

The i3’s team has the knowledge and expertise to review your needs and tailor a solution to move the project to the next level. We can provide guidance and assist in coordination so that you can move more quickly and efficiently towards each milestone. Our faculty has the experience to help and our home at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) allows us to leverage invaluable resources:

Support for Clinical Trials

The i3 can assist in trial design, coordination, and evaluation using our unique probes and devices. We can also help industry partners connect with MGH and other local hospitals to conduct first in human trials.

Secure Data Management

As part of the Partners Healthcare system, MGH’s servers are protected by the highest level security. Working with the i3, industry partners are able to utilize our system for efficient file management and access.

Regulatory Compliance

From communicating with the Food and Drug Administration to drafting IRB documents, the i3 team understands the expectations and will help you employ best practices.

Facilities and Technology

Our location provides access to state of the art laboratories, specialized probes, and devices not found elsewhere, including cyclotron with cGMP production facilities and radiopharmacy, multiple research and clinical MR-PET, PET-CT, MRI, and ultrasound systems. In addition, experimental ultrasound systems for elastography, small animal imaging, contrast enhanced ultrasound, novel electronic diagnostic devices, and small animal imaging systems (MR-PET, PET-CT, MRI, bioluminenscence, and fluorescent molecular imaging) are also available.