About the i3 The i3 works at the nexus of academia, medicine, and industry to foster and facilitate collaborations that bring new tools and techniques in medical imaging closer to the marketplace.


We were founded in 2014, borne out of a need to bridge the gap between pre-clinical research and first-in-human clinical trials.


An overarching goal of i3 is to enable the translation of basic discoveries to the bedside for diagnostic probes and devices. For academic researchers, the most difficult step in development is bridging the gap from pre-clinical innovation to first-in-human proof of concept. The i3 provides critical assistance at the time when it is most needed, as demonstrated by our success stories.

The i3 Advantage

Our home within the Department of Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital provides a unique perspective for our work and allows us to offer our partners access to state-of-the-art resources that can assist with the development process. i3 facilities include:

    • GMP PET/SPECT tracer production facility
    • Electronics labs
    • Optics labs
    • Analytical chemistry labs
    • Clinical Research Unit

Additionally, we leverage our relationships with MGH, the Center for Systems Biology (CSB), Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (NMMI), and the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging to facilitate access to imaging resources such as cyclotrons, PET scanners, MRIs, advanced ultrasound research systems, etc.

From preclinical preparation to commercialization, the i3 team has the knowledge and expertise to help researchers and industry partners achieve their goals. Please read further to learn about our educational mission and contact us to discuss collaboration.

Educational Mission

Faculty members at the i3 share a commitment to providing training and educational opportunities.

We invite those seeking a collaborative environment for their research or post-doctoral fellowship to contact us.