The mission of I3 is to accelerate the clinical translation of novel diagnostic tools for early disease detection and monitoring of emergent treatments. We aim to do this by lowering the barriers for clinical translation of new technologies.

The I3 is a place for visionaries to turn innovative ideas into medical technologies that advance medical imaging to improve diagnostics and the development of patient treatment strategies. It is a nexus for members of academic, medical, and business communities to share their knowledge and resources in order to address clinical needs. To support this mission, we also offer our own experts, resources, and platforms.

We seek to help you throughout the entire process of development.

Our goals include:

  • Provide a collaborative environment to connect members of the imaging community such as physicians and scientists
  • Increase access to resources including labs, production facilities, experienced staff, and imaging centers
  • Provide expert consulting and experienced administrative staff on an as needed basis
  • Facilitate technology development and create partnerships with industry

Why I3?

There are major barriers to the clinical develop of new medical technologies. Academic researchers often come up with innovative ideas that they are able to prove in petri dishes and animal studies, but they lack the resources to proceed to human studies. Medical researchers and physicians have strong patient relationships and may have extensive clinical trial experience, but they often lack knowledge of how to develop completely novel molecules and devices. Clinical studies of emerging technologies require many resources, so it can be extremely difficult to proceed down this path without a map. The I3 hopes to lower barriers to clinical development by providing the map, the guide, and the tools to navigate every step of the process.