About Us

Organizational support

We understand that clinical research can involve huge upfront costs for data platforms and full-time staff that may not be fully utilized. The I3 offers an extensive online infrastructure for imaging trials and staff on an as-needed basis, making clinical research support much more accessible.

Our goals for organizational support include:

  • increase competitive funding advantages
  • coordinate educational activities
  • coordinate grant submissions, awards, and program projects
  • provide online infrastructures for team management, documentation, research, and trials
  • offer administrative staff as needed

Community Building

The future of medical technologies can only be reached through collaboration. The I3 aims to build a community that can connect people for collaboration, business opportunities, and resource sharing.

Our goals for community building include:

  • connect physicians and scientists beyond radiology department
  • advise on interaction with regulatory boards such as IRB or FDA
  • create partnerships with industry
  • create a collegial online environment to share resources
  • coordinate with existing resources

Expert consulting

The I3 can connect you with experts in any aspect of the clinical development process through community collaboration and our own consultants who have extensive experience in medical technology development.

Consultants can offer expertise in the following:

  • IND preparation
  • clinical trial design
  • coordination and subject tracking
  • adverse events monitoring and DSMB
  • image analysis
  • Biostatistics
  • medical writing
  • regulatory affairs
  • quality assurance
  • business development
  • technology transfer