Clinical Trials/Studies

The I3 offers both study infrastructure and expert consultants to facilitate your clinical trials and research studies.

Our intranet offers centralized management of study data and documents with a wide variety of features.

  • Direct integration with MGH imaging servers: This facilitates your management of imaging files and allows you to easily move the data to our servers for quick access.
  • Data management: Trial data, images, and patient information can be anonymized, stored, and tracked securely online.
  • Image viewer: The intranet allows examining of your radiological images within your browser without installing additional programs.
  • Document storage: Draft documents can be centralized, offering every member of your group access to vital information.
  • Security: Our servers adhere to Partners standards, allowing file storage without the security and privacy flaws of unapproved platforms such as Dropbox.

We also offer experts who can help you develop, execute, and analyze your studies. Rather than hiring full-time staff, we offer a trial coordinator who can help you develop, execute, and monitor your studies in a cost-effective manner.

Specifically, we offer assistance with the following:

  • Trial coordination
  • Trial design and biostatistics
  • Adverse event tracking
  • Data safety monitoring board (DSMB)
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Blinded reads of trial images